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  • Fontify

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Font Changer Shopify App

Change any font in minutes, forget about coding, HTML, CSS 
and liquid. With Fontify, changing fonts has never been easier.
Start a free trial and enjoy 1 month of Shopify for $1/month on select plans.

Manage all font in one place

  • Freely use any Google Fonts

  • Easy install Custom Fonts

  • No coding required

  • Nitro Lookbook

Nitro Shoppable Lookbook & Gallery

Showcase your products in a professional, stunning lookbook that entices buyers. 
Easily tag products with links or images, 
and customize your gallery with various layouts and design options.
  • Nitro Lookbook

Buy Products With 
Ease From Lookbook

Easily pin multiple products, images, or texts on your lookbook, 
which allows your customers to explore products & purchase more conveniently.
Start a free trial and enjoy 1 month of Shopify for $1/month on select plans.

Shoppable Galleries At Any Page

  • Pin Products Easily

  • Various Stunning Layouts

  • Freely Customizable

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Discover what our valued clients and partners have to say about their experiences working with us.
Jade was extremely helpful and very swift at what she did. I just bombarded her with one issue after another and she just kept on solving them. The app is great but the support is better.

Gears For Ears

Location: Bangladesh

Very cool functional application, I want to express a huge thank you to the employee in the online chat Jade, he helped me a lot to fix the error. as for me I overloaded him with work but he very professionally performed the work and fulfilled all my wishes that I had very quickly and cool.

John Smith

Location: Israel

It's easy to use, and very efficient. You can change any specific title and use a google font or an imported one (premium feature). Customer service is very attentive and fast. 100% recommended!


Location: Israel

Very easy to use app. I was confused about how to apply my custom fonts at first but I used the chat feature. Jade solved my problem right away. I am very happy I didn't have to write any custom code!

Hebe Soul

Location: Spain

Thank you very much for the service and for the support help, the girl from the support service helped me a lot, she guided me and taught me how to use the application correctly, so feel free to install it, you should really like it!!!

Fantasy Community Perfumes

Location: United States

Really simple app! I had few pumps ( because I just didn't see one tab) on the road when trying to get it work, but Jade was super helpful and fixed my issue in minutes! I'm a happy user and my website looks great with new font!

Location: Finland

Jade provided valuable assistance in helping me understand how to utilize Fontify. Despite having viewed tutorials, including those on YouTube, Jade stood out as the only person who could offer effective guidance.

Okta Living

Location: Iceland

Jade was super helpful and prompt, was able to guide me through easily and help me out in the installation of a certain section I needed to apply my font to. She was super lovely to deal with and the issue was fixed within a few seconds

Lullaby Luxe

Location: Australia

Your FAQs, our insights

What is Fontify Apps?

Fontify allows you to change any Google or Custom font for your website easily. You can apply specific fonts for different sections of your page or for the whole page. Freely find various stunning fonts from our Google font library. Or upload any branded fonts you already have. This app saves you tons of wasting time & cost to bring a professional, consistent look for your store.

Is Fontify free?

Yes, Fontify offers a Free plan in which you can access to all Google Fonts available. You are able to apply your Google fonts for certain elements/pages on your website, certain devices and certain languages as well. In case you want to use Custom fonts, you may consider the Premium plan. 

How do I install Fontify?

Fontify supports all types of fonts, both Google and custom ones. With Free plan, you can access and use all Google fonts. With Premium plan, additionally you can upload any custom font and also store your Google fonts outside Google Server (inside Fontify server) - which makes your font 100% GDPR complaint.

Can I use custom fonts with Fontify?

If you're selling for EU customers, then you must use Google Fonts stored outside Google Server to make sure your customer IP addresses is secured (otherwise it violates GDPR law. See more). Fontify provides local server to store all of your Google Fonts so that you are 100% GDPR compliant. This is a feature on Premium plan. 

What is Nitro Lookbook?

Nitro Lookbook is a Shopify app designed to help store owners create stunning lookbooks to showcase their products. They can also pin multiple products, images or texts into lookbooks, which drive more sales & customers engagement.

How do I create a lookbook with Nitro Lookbook?

It's easy. Simply select your desired lookbook style, upload your photo, choose the pin point, and customize the display content. To understand more detail, please check out our full instructions. Also, you can reach out for support via email anytime.

Can I customize the lookbook design?

How does Nitro Lookbook help increase sales?

Nitro Lookbook increases sales by creating interactive, shoppable galleries that engage customers directly with products. You can easily mix and match layouts and move things around to fit your Shopify store, making it easier for customers to see and buy your products.