How to change the fonts?

1. Upload Font

This feature will allow you to upload the custom fonts to the app and apply them to your site. Please follow the below steps:
Step 1: Prepare your custom font file with the format are ttf / woff / otf. You can find it at,,
Step 2: From the App dashboard, open the Fonts tab and click on the Create new button to upload your fonts.
Step 3: Click on Add file to select your font file and fill in the Font name option.
Step 4: Tick the options that you want to assign the font to. For example, I want to change the font for the headlines, so I can tick the Headline 1 to Headline 6 options.
  • You can tick “All” if you want to make changes to all elements of your store.
  • You can use Element Picker if you want to make changes to specific parts of your store. Simply click on the Polaris icon to select the elements that you want.
You will see your store preview. Hover over the text element and click on the select text to select whatever elements you want to apply to the new font. After done for the selection, you can see the class name of the elements that you select in the Custom Elements box.
Step 5: Tick Overwrite other fonts option to overwrite the new font to the font in the Shopify theme. Then click on the Save button to upload the new font and apply it to the elements that you selected.
All done, please wait about 1-2 mins and then reload your site to see the result.
Please check the video below for an easier understand.

2. Google Font

With Fontify, you can use Google fonts for free. You can apply the font to all elements or specific elements :)
Step 1: From the App dashboard, open the Fonts tab and click on the Create a new font button.
Step 2: Open the Google fonts tab and click on Choose font to select a font.
Then find the font that you like and click on the Sign icon to select it.
Please do similar steps with Upload font. But instead of uploading a font, you can select a font from Google.
You can check out the video below for an easier understanding